The Varnish Initial Report and Cocktail Menu

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Photos courtesy of Matthew Kang

Last night, acclaimed bartenders Eric Alperin and Sasha Petraske and history-conscious entrepreneur Cedd Moses opened The Varnish behind Cole’s. Frequent Food GPS contributor Matthew Kang was there and reported about the experience on his “Mattatouille” blog. Kang captured the scene and featured lush photos of the cocktails and vintage décor, including an old-fashioned cash register and telephone.

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Kang, a cocktail aficionado, proclaimed the cocktails “standard-bearing.” He was especially impressed with the “Mexican Firing Squad Special” prepared by bartender Marcos Tello, who was on loan for the night from The Edison to support good friend Alperin. Bartender Chris Ojeda was also behind the bar.

Kang predicts that The Varnish’s “prime commitment” will help to make Los Angeles one of the best bar cities in the country.

Here’s the full menu of cocktails, which cost $11 apiece:

The Business
Gin, Lime, Honey

Gin & It
Gin & Vermouth

Palma Fizz
Vodka, Lime, Ginger, Rose Water, Seltzer

Hot Buttered Rum
Aged rum, Butter, Honey, Hot Water

Mexican Firing Squad Special
Tequila, Lime, Grenadine, Bitters, Seltzer

Remember The Maine
Rye, Vermouth, Heering, Absinthe

Brandy, Crème de Menthe, Crushed Ice

Bartender’s Choice
Allow us.

The Varnish also offers a “selection of sipping spirits, cordials and liqueurs,” plus beer, wine and sparkling wine.


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Find more of Matthew's writing on his blog, Mattatouille. Find him behind the Scoops Westside counter.

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