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Whenever I went to Indie Brewing, I would look across the street to see the closed door behind which Dry River Brewing was creating their beers. Now that door is opened for the public to check out their taproom, which is finally open for (too) limited times.

Once inside, you will find a cozy little space that looks like a cross between a farmhouse and a mechanic’s shop. You will be able to order by the glass from the creative sour and wild ales that brewer Naga Reshi is concocting in barrels. Morena is a devilishly tasty Sour Chocolate Stout and La Sucia is a hazy and hoppy farmhouse sour that had a great hop aroma going. The blackberry lambic-styled Zarza was really mellow with a beautiful deep red color.

Reshi brews the beers that go into the barrels at the aforementioned Indie Brewing and at fellow DTLA brewery Boomtown and then totes the wort back to his place on Anderson Street to create beers. That is until the pilot brewery is fired up and running, when taproom-only specials will allow for more experimentation. Past even the lava rocks and apricots combination that he tested in the past.

The taproom will be open every first and third weekend of the month. Friday & Saturday from 4pm to 10pm and on Sunday from 1pm to 6pm.

After a frustrating amount of time in limbo, it is good to see that the time was well spent on crafting such a unique beer destination at DTLA’s south end.

The BEER OF THE WEEK comes from The Brewery at Simmzy’s. Tide Pool Pale will hit the spot as the temperature rises north of three digits. This beer is light and refreshing with a lovely, almost candy-like hop flavor that has great citrus notes to it. The new Burbank brewery has made a strong start with their new system and new brews.

Your HOMEWORK is to get into practice for looking for a seal of approval on craft beer that you buy. Late last month, The Brewers Association unveiled a new program, embodied by an upside down bottle, to help people distinguish between local and independent beer and local beer that so happens to be owned by a certain company that used to be based in St. Louis. Dogfish Head was the first to sign on to put the logo on their packaging and expect many, many, more breweries to follow suit. Once the logo is commonly used, it will be even easier to buy local.

Find more of Sean Inman’s writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.


Sean Inman

Find more of Sean Inman’s writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.

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Looks and sounds like a great spot definitely worth a trip to check out. Love the “homework” section of these posts. First time we’ve ever been excited about the stuff.

Sean would make a great substitute teacher with assignments like these.

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