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Brewery Los Angeles

New Breweries From West to East, Figueroa Mountain + PairedLA

Local brewed beer can be found in every L.A. nook and cranny in 2018. This week, let’s travel to two neighborhoods, one Westside and the another in the opposite side of town to visit...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

The River is Not Dry, Tide Pool + Independent Seal of Approval

Whenever I went to Indie Brewing, I would look across the street to see the closed door behind which Dry River Brewing was creating their beers. Now that door is opened for the public...
Craft Beer California

Let’s Do the Math

California is in the lead! In 2013, the Golden State led the nation in brewery openings. And with the recent opening of King Harbor Brewing this month, we may be on our way to...
Craft Beer Spokane

No-Li Brewhouse Crystal Bitter ESB (Drink of the Week)

Julia Herz from the Brewers Association, “the James Beard Foundation for beer,” presented eight brewers as part of a powerhouse meal on The Tasting Kitchen mezzanine. Buzz from the three-deep downstairs bar wafted upstairs...