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Bakery San Francisco

The Mill has been a key cog in NoPa’s evolution, combining the neighborhood’s best bakery and coffeehouse.

My infatuation with The Mill started in October 2012, when Four Barrel Coffee and business partner/baker Josey Baker set up a temporary coffee bar in front of the Nopa construction site that would eventually house handsome San Francisco bakery and coffeehouse. Even with a stool and ironing board as the only seating, there was promise in that coffee and toast. By the time The Mill opened in full to start 2013, the Austrian flour mill and Italian deck oven were in high gear, and seating options had improved considerably. The bread is now some of California’s best, crafted with a sourdough starter and including rarely seen varieties like dark mountain rye and raisin fennel. Bread factors into next level toast, which hosts premium local toppings, some made in-house, others sourced from nearby dairies and artisans. Four Barrel Coffee, run by Jeremy Tooker, Jodi Goren and Tal Mor, has achieved considerable success since launching in 2008, and they provide substantial specialty coffee support at The Mill.

The Scene: Brick and glass give way to an airy space with a high ceiling, exposed rafters, and perpetually active open kitchen. Seating is both communal and along the walls. Skylights bathe customers with flattering natural light. Shelves and racks host stacks of bread of various shapes, sizes and hues, and pastries reside behind glass near the register. A white tile bar features premium coffee equipment, include a Strada espresso machine and Kone pourover station. Wall-mounted art rotates, with my favorite option so far being bull’s eyes.

Must Order Food:

  • Sesame Bread Toast ($4)
  • Whole Wheat Toast ($3.50)
  • Whole Wheat Wonderbread ($6)

Drink of Choice: Coffee + Espresso Drinks

Nearby Culture: The Fillmore

Bakery San Francisco

The Mill houses an open kitchen that’s devoted to bread, plus a Four Barrel Coffee bar.

Menu San Francisco

The Mill normally features 3-4 toast options per day, many featuring seasonal flourishes.

Coffee Toast San Francisco

Sesame Bread supported house-made peach jam, rich McClelland’s butter and sea salt.

Toast Coffee San Francisco

Winter brought whole wheat toast slathered with McClelland’s Dairy butter, pumpkin butter (actually Kabocha squash) and sea salt, which wasn’t too sweet and paired surprisingly well with the Coffee of the Day, El Salvador Monte Cristo.

Coffee San Francisco

The Mill doesn’t just sell bread and toast anymore. They’ve added bars, cookies and pastries like the Ginger Fig Biscone, a dense biscuit and scone hybrid studded with sugar granules.

Espresso San Francisco

Friendo Blendo is Four Barrel’s espresso blend, which consistently displays bright acidity.

Bread San Francisco

The Mill sells tempting breads by the register, including dark mountain rye, raisin fennel, or seeded country. I dare you to leave the premises without a loaf.


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