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Sunset Los Angeles

10 Top South Bay Craft Beer Destinations

The Brew & You “10 Top Craft Beer Destinations” list careens into the South Bay this week with 10 varied establishments that will satisfy your love of craft beer. Listings appear in alphabetical order,...
Quinoa Los Angeles

Top Los Angeles Dining Options Between Lunch and Dinner

Have you ever been stuck hungry in the midst of that no-man’s land time between lunch and dinner with no good restaurant options? Or perhaps you’ve just had a mental block as to what...
Chef Los Angeles

Interview: Anne Conness (Simmzy’s + Tin Roof Bistro)

Chef Anne Conness, who oversees two branches of Simmzy’s in Manhattan Beach and Long Beach, and Tin Roof Bistro in Manhattan Beach, recently became a Certified Cicerone (one of only 2 females in L.A....
Restaurateur Los Angeles

Interview: Mike Simms, Third-Generation Restaurateur

The Simms family’s entree into the restaurant world started at the intersection of Olympic Boulevard & Vermont Avenue, long before that corner qualified as Koreatown, with Arthur J’s Coffee Shop. Since that opening in...
Korean Food Los Angeles

Week in Pictures: Bulgogi, Kale Tacos + Meatloaf

Every week involves a seemingly continuous stream of food, drinks and people. Of course not every taste or conversation is post-able, but the range of experiences is usually pretty amazing. Discover favorites from June...
Craft Beer Orange County


The L.A. BEER BLAST is designed to let Food GPS readers know what’s new at select L.A. bars and restaurants with great beer selections. You’ll also discover beer-related events in the area and meet...