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Proof Bakery

Cookie Los Angeles

16 Top Los Angeles Cookies

In Los Angeles, cookies appear in all sorts of shapes and sizes and pack plenty of different ingredients, but regardless of the composition, all 16 cookies on this list satisfy. View Los Angeles Cookies...
Scone Los Angeles

Dose of Vitamin P: Proof Bakery Bacon Cheddar Corn Scone

For the second straight week, it was pork-related pastry that made the biggest impression. Na Young Ma and her team of bakers consistently fill Proof Bakery’s displays cases and countertops with minimalist cakes, cookies,...
Coffee Los Angeles

Interview: coffee pro Yeekai Lim (Cognoscenti Coffee)

Architect Yeekai Lim’s passion for coffee initially led him to former U.S. Barista Champion Heather Perry, who provided instruction, and to New York City, where he attended Intelligentsia’s workshop. In March 2010, equipped with...
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