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Estrella Ahi Tuna Poke Nicoise Salad (Food of the Week)

“You know I had to have some sort of poke on the menu. 🙂 ” That’s the Instagram message I received from chef Dakota Weiss after Instagramming her Ahi Tuna Poke Nicoise Salad from...
Poke Los Angeles

Top Los Angeles Poke

Hawaii is the pinnacle of poke, where islanders have been known to lavish sliced Kahalu big eye tuna with green onion, Maui sweet onion, roasted kukui nut relish, and Kauai Hanopepe salt, which is...
Poke Big Island

Suisan: Overcoming Two Tsunamis to Deliver Seafood to Hawaii

It’s hard to imagine a more resilient fish market than Suisan, which survived two tsunamis since seafood peddlers Kamezo Matsuno, Torazuki Hayashi and Hitaro Egawa formed a collective named Sui San Kabushiki Kaisha in...
Hawaiian Food Los Angles

Poke Poke: Catch a Hawaiian Seafood Wave Near Muscle Beach

Life frequently comes into focus on foot. That was certainly the case on a recent run along the oceanfront boardwalk on a glorious winter day. My eyes scanned the long-forlorn strip for signs of...