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Chefs California

San Francisco Bay Area Chefs Name Rising Talent

What’s next for the San Francisco Bay Area? I asked five successful Bay Area chefs, Who’s the chef who’s worked for you either now or in the past who you believe is destined for...
Dessert San Francisco

SPQR Blond Chocolate Panna Cotta (Food of the Week)

It threw me off to see $13 desserts on the menu at SPQR, which is basically a neighborhood Italian restaurant. Or it was back when Nate Appleman was in the kitchen. Clearly, my impressions...
Food Event Los Angeles

2013 Pebble Beach Food & Wine Grand Tasting Highlights

On April 6 & 7, Pebble Beach Food & Wine hosted Lexus Grand Tastings at the Pebble Beach Equestrian Center. It took two big top tents to contain all the culinary talent from across...
Chef San Francisco

Interview: chef Matthew Accarrino (SPQR)

Matthew Accarrino grew up in New Jersey and competed as a cyclist before a devastating leg injury incapacitated him. While he was recovering, television (and Emeril in particular) provided a welcome distraction. Emeril proved...