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Candy Delivery

Hidden Valley Camp Food Memories

Suddenly, all signs seemed to point to Freedom, Maine, a tiny town with 719 people. First, former Food & Wine editor Dana Cowin’s Editor’s Letter mentioned her son going to summer camp in Freedom....
Lobster Los Angeles

Elite Lobster with Rice Cakes (Food of the Week)

Chinese banquet dining is serious business in the San Gabriel Valley, though you might never know, since most of these meals take place in private rooms, drawing from negotiated, unprinted menus. My in-laws are...
Lobster Los Angeles

Upstairs 2 Lobster BLT (Dose of Vitamin P)

Since 2006, Upstairs 2 has become synonymous with wine, which is no surprise given the restaurant’s provenance. After all, it’s located directly above the Wine House, Bill Knight’s long-respected shop near the 405. Wine...
Seafood Los Angeles

Water Grill (Sunday Lobster Clam Bake): Soaking Up the Sea

While listening to Water Grill executive chef David LeFevre break down the differences between oysters, it became clear that he’s a student of the sea. After hearing him hold court for about an hour...
Seafood Connecticut

The Place: Grilling Summer Seafood Al Fresco in Guilford

Thanks to Jane and Michael Stern of Roadfood, my friends and I learned about this special summer spot along Highway 1. A huge outdoor grill was surrounded by an array of red tables, with...
Seafood Connecticut

Abbott’s Lobster In The Rough: Rolling in Noank

Jerry Mears’ classic New England seafood shack specializes in seafood “in the rough.” According to my step-mom Jane, who spent her formative summers eating at seafood shacks in Maine, “Seafood in the rough” is...