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Bakery Sign Orange County

Al Sanabel Bakery: Sampling Arabic Breads in Disney Shadow

In the shadow of Disneyland, an Arabic community known as Little Gaza has sprouted up since the 1990’s, populated with immigrants from the Gaza Strip and Lebanon. A row of restaurants and bakeries has...
Lebanese Food Los Angeles

Carousel: Taking a Ride That Never Disappoints

When considering whether or not it’s worth writing about Middle Eastern restaurants, I inevitably compare them to Elena’s Greek Armenian Cuisine in Glendale, and just as inevitably, ignore my keyboard. Still, other Middle Eastern...
Bakery Sign Los Angeles

Oasis Pastry & Cafe: Luxurious Osmalie and Mamoul [CLOSED]

It should serve as no surprise that Glendale, which houses more Armenian immigrants than all but Dearborn, Michigan, contains numerous Armenian pastry shops. I’ve eaten at most of them, and I’ve enjoyed several, but...