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Craft Beer Kansas City

Interview: brewmaster Steven Pauwels (Boulevard Brewing Company)

Steven Pauwels grew up in Belgium, in a cradle of craft beer, and his father even worked at Brouwerij Krüger. He followed a similar path and was working in Bruges when Boulevard Brewing Company...
Craft Beer Kansas City

Interview: Nate Watson + Mike Reinhardt (Wilderness Brewing)

Last week, your homework was to check out the Kickstarter site of the upcoming Wilderness Brewing Company. I interviewed Nate Watson and Mike Reinhardt about who their brewing mentors are, the beer scene in...
Chef New York City

Interview: Aarón Sánchez Discusses Cinco de Mayo, Free Time + Restaurant Expansion

In the past decade, Aarón Sánchez has made an impact on the New York City restaurant community, and beyond. The celebrated chef started with Paladar in 2001, currently owns Centrico with Myriad Restaurant Group,...
Barbecue Kansas City

LC’s Bar-B-Q: Mountains of Hickory Smoked Meat in Kansas City

Out of the five barbecue meals I ate in Kansas City over the course of three days, LC Bar-B-Q’s probably rated fourth. The vibe was also probably the least inviting. Still, once I started...
Barbecue Sign Kansas City

Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue: Making Last KC Meal Count

In the summer of 1996, when driving cross-country from Los Angeles with my friend Ben, we had time to sample two barbecue restaurants in Kansas City. Of course our first stop was Arthur Bryant’s,...
Restaurant Kansas City

Stroud’s Oak Ridge Manor: Deluxe Kansas City Fried Chicken

Stroud’s opens on Fridays at 11 a.m. Knowing how packed landmark eateries can get, I arrived at 10:30, soaking up the country manor atmosphere from the head of the line. It wasn’t long before...