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Food Truck Austin

Odd Duck Farm to Trailer: Local, Organic, Innovative Austin Concept [CLOSED]

Unlike Los Angeles food trucks, which are basically moving targets, Austin’s food trailers set up shop and stay put, usually in clusters. They also have a wider range of styles, shapes and sizes, including...
Mexican Food Truck Los Angeles

Mariscos El Tetos: Soulful Seafood in Industrial Sun Valley [CLOSED]

To hear Bill Esparza of Street Gourmet LA tell it, the northern San Fernando Valley may be the final frontier when it comes to Mexican food in L.A. It turns out that the stretch...
Dim Sum Los Angeles

Alex Chu Rolls out THE DIMSUM TRUCK

There might not be a more auspicious place to launch a food-related business than in the VIP lounge at the LA Street Food Fest, what might be the biggest food event in L.A. history....
Food Truck Logo Los Angeles

Asian Soul Kitchen Rolls Out in Los Angeles [CLOSED]

Richard Wright has fond memories of Princess Pamela’s house parties in New York, where she’d cook soul food and sing until dawn. She eventually parlayed her underground success into a successful restaurant and cookbook....
Food Truck Tijuana

Mariscos Ruben: Trucking with Sonoran Seafood in Tijuana

We quickly learned that if you want to devour spectacular Mexican food in Tijuana, there’s no reason to stray far from the corner of 8th & Quintana Roo. Within one block, this is where...
Japanese Food Los Angeles

Marked5 Katsu Pork (Dose of Vitamin P) [CLOSED]

One night per month, the sight of L.A. Art Walk is enough to convince Angelenos that downtown might actually live up to all the hype. Thousands of city dwellers flood L.A.’s historic core to...