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Pastry Chef Los Angeles

Interview: pastry chef Elizabeth Belkind (Cake Monkey)

Growing up, the idea that pastry chef Elizabeth Belkind would one day be making refined versions of American snack treats like Sno Balls and Ho Hos would have been been unimaginable. They simply didn’t...
Bakery Los Angeles

Get to Know Cake Monkey in Time for Thanksgiving

Pastry Chef Elizabeth Belkind and long-time TV producer Lisa J. Olin teamed on Cake Monkey Bakery in 2007. Olin and I spoke way back in January, but I kept waiting until they locked down...
Restaurant Los Angeles

Grace: Doughnut Shoppe Shines on Wednesday Nights [CLOSED]

Doughnut Shoppe is a new gift to Los Angeles from distinguished pastry chef Elizabeth Belkind. For the past month, she has transformed Grace, a high-end Beverly corridor restaurant from Neal Fraser and Amy Knoll...