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Dim Sum Los Angeles

Longo Seafood Restaurant Scallop Dumplings

Considering that L.A. County houses approximately 400,000 Chinese-American people, the dim sum scene moves at a pretty languid pace, even in the community’s San Gabriel Valley epicenter. Decade-old places like Elite Restaurant, Lunasia, and...
Chinese Food Los Angeles

China Red Sheng Jian Bao [CLOSED]

Sheng Jian Bao, Shanghai-style buns that are far less renowned than xiao long bao, each contain a ground pork ball and a gelatinized stock that turns to steaming soup when cooking. These pan-fried wonders...
Bridge San Francisco

San Francisco Dim Sum Worth Seeking

Access to wonderful dim sum is one of the great privileges of life in San Francisco. Whether you’re seeking a traditional cart-fueled adventure, a high-end take on the art form, or a way to...
Chef Hong Kong

Interview: chef Mak Kwai Pui (Tim Ho Wan)

The Hong Kong Tourism Board hosted a June 13 Pop Up Media Luncheon in Los Angeles on the Lukshon patio, showcasing the talents of Hong Kong based chefs Cheng Kam Fu (Celebrity Cuisine), Mango...
Restaurant Sign Los Angeles

Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant: Deluxe Dim Sum in Rosemead

Dim sum predilections ebb and flow in L.A. One week, a restaurant’s top notch. The next week, a chef’s gone or prices rise and customers flee. Some places that led the pack upon my...
Chinese Restaurant Los Angeles

East Gourmet Seafood Restaurant: Redefining Dim Sum Value [CLOSED]

For some people, 20 cents can mean the difference between value and a splurge. That seems to be the case in the San Gabriel Valley, where competition for dim sum business is fierce. East...