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Dim Sum San Francisco

Koi Palace: Delivering a Dim Sum Clinic in Daly City

August 21 might go down as the day where dim sum finally came into focus for me. The epiphany occurred at Koi Palace, a restaurant from Willy Ng that’s situated just off the 280...
Dim Sum Los Angeles

Seafood Village: Dim Sum and Roast Meats in Rowland Heights

A business meeting brought me to Rowland Heights, but it was dim sum that kept me in the San Gabriel Valley, a wide swath of land that’s justly renowned for Chinese food. Drink Eat...
Dim Sum San Francisco

City View: Off The Beaten Path San Francisco Dim Sim

Flip open any San Francisco guidebook and you’re almost guaranteed to find two dim sum recommendations: Yank Sing and Ton Kiang. The two restaurants pretty much dominate the city’s dim sum scene, with lines...
Dim Sum Los Angeles

Alex Chu Rolls out THE DIMSUM TRUCK

There might not be a more auspicious place to launch a food-related business than in the VIP lounge at the LA Street Food Fest, what might be the biggest food event in L.A. history....
Chocolate Los Angeles

Peninsula Beverly Hills Rolls Out Chocolate Dim Sum [NOW UNAVAILABLE]

The Peninsula Beverly Hills was already offering dim sum courtesy of Hong Kong native Jimmy Chiu, including steamed shrimp dumplings, Peking duck potstickers and fried seafood rolls. Now Executive Chef James Overbaugh and Executive...
Dim Sum Los Angeles

Lunasia: Clinging to Top Tier in Competitive L.A. Dim Sum Scene

At the end of December, the majority partner of Triumphal Palace transformed the lauded Alhambra restaurant into Lunasia Chinese Cuisine. Back then, Tony C. from SinoSoul was nice enough to help overcome my language...