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Sandwich Los Angeles

Division 3 Pork Belly Cubano (Dose of Vitamin P)

Division 3 opened on a low-profile stretch of Glassell Park to start 2016, and proved to be such a hit that chef Matthew Dickson and business partner Jenna Turner (Habitat Coffee + Chango Coffee)...
Sandwich Los Angeles

Crispy Cuban Cubano (Dose of Vitamin P)

Branding matters. Ever since I saw a retired trolley driving down on the road advertising Crispy Cuban sandwiches, I swore that I would one day eat one of their Cubanos. I finally caught up...
Croissant Los Angeles

Republique Cubano Croissant (Dose of Vitamin P)

Croissants au beurre, pain au chocolat, croissants aux amandes. Sometimes, you may also find ham and cheese, but there must be more to croissants than the standard rotation. Thankfully, in Los Angeles, pastry chefs...
Coffee Los Angeles

Coffee Commissary Cubano (Drink of the Week)

Traditionally, a Cubano is a Cuban-inspired espresso drink sweetened with Demerara sugar. Normally, the sweetness helps to balance what is almost always acrid, dark roast coffee. Miami is clearly the United States capital for...