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Croissant Los Angeles

Petit Trois Le Valley Chocolate Croissant

Petit Trois Le Valley is the more spacious Sherman Oaks spinoff of a Hollywood hit from chef Ludo Lefebvre, his wife/marketing mastermind Krissy, and their accomplished chef-partners Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo. The bistro...
Croissant San Diego

Darshan Bakery Almond Croissant

Most of the action in Encinitas, a seaside town in North County San Diego, takes place right along South Coast Highway. You’ll pass by a seemingly endless stream of breakfast spots, gastropubs, and surf...
Croissant Los Angeles

Republique Cubano Croissant

Croissants au beurre, pain au chocolat, croissants aux amandes. Sometimes, you may also find ham and cheese, but there must be more to croissants than the standard rotation. Thankfully, in Los Angeles, pastry chefs...
Everything Spice Los Angeles

The Best of Everything in Los Angeles

Chefs have become enamored with “everything,” an all-inclusive preparation that draws on the long-held New York tradition, created by David Gussin, of lining bagels with just about every seed and spice in sight. Learn...
Croissant Los Angeles

Superba Food & Bread Testa Croissant

The pastry and bread spread at Superba Food & Bread for last week’s media preview was monumental, with platters of olive chevre muffins, buttermilk drop biscuits, smelt sourdough bread, thin Roman-style pizzas, and at...
Bakery San Francisco

Tartine Bakery: Sweet, Savory + Buttery Trappings of Success

The James Beard Foundation recently confirmed what San Franciscans already knew. Elisabeth Prueitt and Chad Robertson, who co-own Tartine Bakery in the Mission District, are the most Outstanding Pastry Chefs in the nation. The...