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Chinese Food Los Angeles

Mr. Fish Szechuan Bistro Steamed Eggs with Clams (Food of the Week) [CLOSED]

Despite the fact that I cover restaurants for a living, my in-laws have always shown less confidence in my ability to find good food than anybody else in my life, not to mention complete...
Spanish Food Los Angeles

Gabi James Fideos with Clams (Food of the Week)

When Moruno closed at The Original Farmers Market, I wasn’t sure whether I’d get another chance to enjoy chef Chris Feldmeier’s Spanish comfort food. Thankfully, “boss lady/somm” Sara Gabrielle and husband Adam James Aro...
Tacos Los Angeles

B.S. Taqueria Clams and Lardo Tacos (Food of the Week)

Chef Ray Garcia and former FIG running mate Jacob Shure, who heads front of house, recently opened B.S. Taqueria in downtown Los Angeles with restaurateur Bill Chait, taking over Mo-chica’s former home. Now you’ll...
Pasta Los Angeles

Republique Spaghetti alla Chitarra with Clams (Food of the Week)

Republique is the hotly anticipated restaurant that replaced Campanile and La Brea Bakery, featuring Walter Manzke, his chef wife Margarita Manzke and business partner Bill Chait. The grand space, which is rolling out in...
Seafood Connecticut

The Place: Grilling Summer Seafood Al Fresco in Guilford

Thanks to Jane and Michael Stern of Roadfood, my friends and I learned about this special summer spot along Highway 1. A huge outdoor grill was surrounded by an array of red tables, with...
Italian Restaurant Providence

Al Forno: Baking With Buon Gusto in Providence

It was a Friday night, so we expected a two-hour wait, at least. That’s how popular Al Forno has become. Incredibly, the hostess sat us right away. We even scored a prime seat on...