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Craft Beer Los Angeles

Hoppy Anniversary: Beachwood, The Full Pint + Blue Palms

There are three big anniversary parties coming as summer heats up in Los Angeles and the best way to celebrate is with craft beer! In two days, on the 29th, Beachwood Brewing and BBQ...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

Interview: beer pro Brian Lenzo (Blue Palms Brewhouse)

The beginning of Brian Lenzo’s Hollywood story might sound similar to some other Angelenos. The one-time Marine was working in restaurants in Nashville when he created some onscreen success for himself and migrated west...
Vegetables Los Angeles

Drink Your Vegetables

The craft beer revolution has a lot in common with the Farmer’s Markets and eat local movements. Now it seems, rather than being content with pairing beer with a great meal, brewers are putting...
Craft Beer Orange County

A Reserve of Craft Beer

St. Patrick’s Day was cold and rainy but that didn’t stop The Bruery or the members of its Reserve Society from heading to Anaheim for the Reserve Society Celebration of 2012. 30 Bruery beers...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

Extra! Extra!

Last Friday the craft beer headlines were screaming EXTRA!! EXTRA!! As some serious news roiled the L.A. craft beer scene and lit up the internet. First, a group called Alchemy & Science (which is...
Craft Beer Los Angeles

Hiring Practices from Los Angeles Beer Bar Owners

At the L.A. Beer Week fest on October 23, I asked four of L.A.’s best beer bar owners (and one GM) pointed questions. In this case: “What do you look for when you’re hiring...