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Fish Hong Kong

Ronin Triggerfish (Food of the Week)

If there were ever a fish you shouldn’t feel bad about eating, consider the triggerfish. According to National Geographic, the colorful, bottom dwelling species is known to wreak havoc on reefs, with males keeping...
Noodles Los Angeles

The Spice Table Kon Loh Mee (Dose of Vitamin P) [CLOSED]

It wasn’t readily apparent from the description on The Spice Table‘s menu how Kon Loh Mee could rival duck rice for dineLA Restaurant Week entree supremacy…and then the bowl arrived. Chef Bryant Ng remains...
Restaurant Sign Santa Barbara

The Blue Owl: Nocturnal Asian Cuisine in Santa Barbara

It’s not like many hipsters are roaming the streets of Santa Barbara, but if there were, they’d inevitably eat at The Blue Owl, which has clearly captured the imagination of USCB students and twenty-something...
Yam Los Angeles

Hinoki & the Bird Roasted Yam (Food of the Week)

Century City, that concrete labyrinth of law offices, agent dwellings and shops, has hardly been known for surprises in my experience. Well, there was that one time I rode on the elevator with President...
Asian Food Los Angeles

Lukshon Beef & Broccoli (Food of the Week)

In Chinese cuisine, beef and broccoli is typically one of the more pedestrian standbys, but not at Lukshon in Culver City’s Helms Bakery complex, where chef Sang Yoon has elevated the dish to destination...
Restaurant Sign Los Angeles

The Spice Table (Brunch): As Asian As You Want to Be [CLOSED]

Metro Regional Connector project and plumbing issues be damned. Chef Bryant Ng and wife Kim have overcome several challenges and are forging ahead with Saturday brunch at The Spice Table, which runs the spectrum...