Summer Shack: New England Seafood in Mohegan Sun Casino

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Mohegan Sun is one of the two big Native American-owned casinos in southeast Connecticut. The other is Foxwoods. Just like in Vegas, there’s an arms race for rival casinos to outdo each other. That includes restaurants. Mohegan Sun has restaurants from Todd English, Michael Jordan and Jasper White. White is a big name in New England thanks to his Summer Shack concept.

White captured the taste of the Cape and citified it. He has two Summer Shacks in Boston, one in the city and the other in Cambridge. He even has a variation at Boston’s Logan Airport, in case you want a final taste of seafood before flying. The sprawling restaurant was overpriced due to its casino locale, and you’d be better off dining in-the-rough at other local establishments, but not in winter, and not if you’re planning a casino visit anyway.

Unless you’re an oyster fan (with 8 varieties on the half-shell), the menu wasn’t all that exciting. They had no lobster roll, just a lobster salad roll. Mayo-slathered lobster? No thanks. Still, the specials board offered more than enough options to deliver a solid seafood meal.

Warm cornbread was dry and needed a few swipes of butter for resuscitation.

Seafood Connecticut

Fish and clam stew ($5.50 cup) was solid, flavored with clove, rum and sherry, a tomato broth loaded with potatoes, carrots, chunks of bluefish and haddock.

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The blackboard listed Cape Cod Bluefish ($20) with garlic butter, Brussels sprouts with bacon and roasted fingerling potatoes. The juicy white fish had a crisp char. It was a sizable slab. Brussels sprouts were undercooked, and garlic butter was oddly off to the side.

Seafood Connecticut

The fried haddock sandwich was good, a moist slab of curled fish with a crust. It came with mayo that was folded with whole grain mustard. Instead of fries, we opted for Shack slaw that consisted of bland strips of crunchy cabbage and carrot.

We thought about ordering a pumpkin whoopie pie – a twist on a New England chocolate classic – but decided that Summer Shack had fed us well enough already.

Summer Shack: New England Seafood in Mohegan Sun Casino


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