Summer Bear Gear, Insomnia + Ciders

Craft Beer Gear

Ancient Brews and a Jetsons-esque Sobro coffee table help power this beer gear guide.

Dope & Dank glass – A pint glass emblazoned with a brewery logo is cool and all, but when you pour that hazy IPA into a glass that proclaims Dope & Dank. Well, that makes you much cooler.

Ancient Brews book – If you wanted to learn the backstory, a real historical backstory, Dr. Pat McGovern takes you way back in time to re-create simulacrums of beers from ancient history with the Dogfish Head Brewery. After reading this, you should not be scared of mugwort.

Sobro Coffee Table – If you have a LOT of money and need a coffee table that can chill your #independent beer, then check out the Jetsons-esque Sobro coffee table.

American Homebrewers Association SRM T-shirt – For the serious home brewer, get them this unique beer shirt that doesn’t have a hop symbol on it. Instead you get the colors of the beer rainbow. Plus you have a fun game of seeing where your beer lands on the color scale.

Metro Day Pass – $7 gets you rides all day. The tap card will allow you to hop from Beachwood to Santa Monica Brew Works and the plethora of DTLA breweries or all the way out to Azusa to check out Lagunitas.

The BEER OF THE WEEK will keep you up all night. Noche de Insomnio is a Blond nitro stout from the House of Sour, Cascade Brewing of Portland, Oregon. The stout features a tequila-infused Stumptown Coffee – Ethiopian Nano Challa – and orange zest. Yeah, that is a lot of flavors at once, but if anyone can pull it off, Cascade can.

This week’s HOMEWORK is to check out some cider. You don’t even need to sacrifice hops to do it! You can get hopped ciders, ciders with crazy fruit flavor (rhubarb or apricots from Two Towns Ciderhouse). Cider can be dry or semi-dry. Or it can be Everyday (Cider Riot) in cans. A lot of creative ciders are out there and it is a great change of pace from beer, especially on boiling hot summer days.

Find more of Sean Inman’s writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.


Sean Inman

Find more of Sean Inman’s writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.

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Love the pint glasses. Great round up of gear. Always fun to gather certain items as taste bud souvenirs.

Sean has covered “beer gear” in the past, much of which is still relevant:

For anyone looking to get Brownie points for completing this week’s homework assignment with style, I humbly suggest there is no better place than Great Society Cider and Mead near downtown Long Beach*:

In all of my beery travels, I have never found such a place elsewhere. They have something like 18 taps, all of which are devoted to an impressive range of ciders and meads. The only way to get beer there is in a bottle! And they have a nice selection of bar food as well.

*They don’t pay me for saying this.

Mark, Thanks for the comment. Sean touched on Great Society in a previous column: Sounds like a great, unique experience.

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