Strand 7th Anniversary + Cans, 3056 + Boomtown Art

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If you haven’t been to Strand Brewing since they moved to their huge Dominguez Street location, you now have two reasons to do so. [As if you needed a reason.]

The longtime Torrance brewer is turning 7! They will also be hitting their first anniversary in the new brewery/taproom. Over the course of three days, November 11-13, owners Rich Marcello and Joel Elliot along with Team Strand will celebrate reaching that milestone by opening up their space even more to accommodate all the revelers.

Also, they are canning! The system from Wild Goose Canning seems small, but it has already filled up more cans faster than the bottles that were their primary packaging. Beach House Amber and Atticus IPA have already been put into the new packaging with 24th Street Pale being canned soon. All three beers will hit distribution in boxed six-packs this November and if you are a Costco member you might even see their variety box that includes a six-pack of all three beers.

While I was at Strand, I sampled three new (to me) beers that have popped up on tap. Little Brown is a seriously low alcohol simple brown ale. All malt with a slight touch of chocolate. 24th Street Prime is a dry-hopped version of their Pale Ale and certainly had more lemony zip to it thanks to the Citra hops. Lastly, the coffee stout was a fine addition for those looking to pair beer with dessert.

It is a good thing to see these anniversary number grow ever higher.

The Beer of the Week isn’t one beer. It is a new series of beers. Eagle Rock Brewery has been releasing beers to their taproom under the 3056 moniker. ERB regulars will know that the 3056 is the address on Roswell Street where the brewery and taproom is located. So far there has been a brown porter, a helles and a Berliner Weisse. That trio and future beers will be limited in number and rotating with new styles and will only be available for purchase at the brewery.

Your Homework is to check out the huge and fun mural on the side of the Boomtown Brewery building. Lots of characters now adorn the wall and I can see many a selfie opportunity amongst the artwork. And that is not all that is arty about the brewery. You can find a giant wooden heart/love sculpture inside the building plus a huge kind of Warholian faces on another exterior wall. Oh, they also have a few beers you can taste.

Find more of Sean Inman’s writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.

Address: 2201 Dominguez Street, Torrance, California 90501

Sean Inman

Find more of Sean Inman’s writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.

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