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Cheese tea has found a savory foothold in tea shops across California. The trendy tea topper recently touched down in San Francisco’s Chinatown thanks to a collaboration between Steap Tea Bar and famous local pizzaiolo Tony Gemignani.

Steap Tea Bar resides on one of Chinatown’s steepest streets: Sacramento. The space features grey and white walls and a deer antler chandelier. Sit at a wood counter or at three untreated tree slab high-tops, though most people grab-and-go.

So far, Steap has limited their “cream top” to Tony’s Tea ($5), an iced green tea with lemon concentrate and no sugar added that honors Gemignani’s contributions. Of course his recipe leans Italian, combining mascarpone (Italian cream cheese), organic heavy whipping cream, organic sugar, and Sicilian sea salt. The fluffy concoction with a savory tinge pairs well with the tangy, slightly bitter iced tea. Bonus: Steap will gladly add bouncy boba to any cup for just 50 cents.


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