South Carolina Cheese

Cheese South Carolina

Rosebank Farms is an eclectic, locally beloved Johns Island business.

Since 1995, I’ve been going to Rosebank Farms, an open-air farm stand on Johns Island, South Carolina, run by ’60s throwback Sidi Limehouse and co-owner Louise Bennett. Rosebank sells all manner of local products, including a big vat of boiled peanuts, flowers and plants, jarred pickles, jams and sauces, local fruits and vegetables, sweetgrass baskets, and more. One thing I never noticed before until May 8 was the fridge, which features two exquisite local cheeses.

Clemson Blue Cheese comes in salty wedges that cost $25 per pound. The first Clemson University Blue Cheese was cured in Stumphouse Mountain Tunnel in 1941, 30 miles from campus. Each 240-pound batch is salted, waxed and aged for six months, resulting in pungent flavor and pronounced blue-green veins.

Cheese South Carolina

Clemson produces 43,000 pounds of blue cheese each year on campus.

I also discovered Farrah Hoffmire’s Giddy Goat, creamy goat cheese featuring nothing but pasteurized goat’s milk, culture and vegetable rennet. If pure Chevre isn’t enough, Hoffmire also produces flavorful variations with cracked pepper & sea salt, and Pimiento.

Cheese South Carolina

My small Giddy Goat container cost $5.50 and incorporated crystallized ginger bits.

Farm South Carolina

Rosebank Farms also has a pen of farm animals for children to enjoy, including Marsh Tacky the miniature horse and Bluebell the mule.

Farm South Carolina

A pig and rabbit also share a cage, but they must not have as much farm seniority, since their names weren’t in evidence.


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