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Hamburgers Los Angeles

Fatburger gets repeated shoutouts from Hall of Fame rappers.


@foodmarathon: “Drinking in L.A.,” by Bran Van 3000 (Trader Vic’s) @ 2:15

“Yeah, one more time at Trader Vic’s.
Some men there wanted to hurt us,
And other men said we weren’t worth the fuss.
We could see them all bitching by the bar,
About the fine line, between the rich and the poor.”

@ladyfaceale + @tacomaven:
“Gone Hollywood,” by Supertramp (Taco Bell) @ 0:50

“I’m in this dumb motel
Near the Taco Bell
Without a hope in hell
I can’t believe that I’m still around”

@ladyfaceale: “Carmelita” by Warren Zevon (Pioneer Chicken) @ 2:35

“Well, I pawned my Smith Corona
And I went to meet my man
He hangs out down on Alvarado Street
By the Pioneer chicken stand”

@JThur01: “The One That Got Away” by Tom Waits (“defunct coffee shop” Ben Frank’s) @ 2:00

“Costello was the champion
At the St. Moritz Hotel
And the best this side of Fairfax
Reliable sources tell
But his reputation is at large
And he’s at Ben”

@streetgourmetla: “Glamour Profession” by Steely Dan (Mr. Chow) @ 4:21

“Jive Miguel
He’s in from Bogota
Meet me at midnight
At Mr. Chow’s
Szechuan dumplings
After the deal has been done
I’m the one”

@garbs: “The New Style” by The Beastie Boys (Fatburger) @ 2:45

“I chill at White Castle ’cause it’s the best
But I’m fly at Fatburger when I way out west”

@shebop: “Sunset Grill,” by Don Henley (Sunset Grill)

“Let’s go down to the Sunset Grill
We can watch the working girls go by
Watch the “basket people” walk around and mumble
And stare out at the auburn sky”

@estarLA: “It’s not in the song but video for Best Coast “When I’m With You” has Bethany taking Ronald McD to In n Out


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Good topic; good posts.

“Weinerschniztel,” the :10 punk classic by Hermosa Beach’s Descendents, is a definite.

While an instrumental, Alt Surf Rockers Lawndale’s “Days of Pup N’ Taco” warrants inclusion on title alone.

South Bay Indies love their fast food.

Days of Pup N’ Taco by

Kris P Pata,

Thanks for adding the South Bay additions. It’s always good to get more geographic (and musical) diversity. Very cool to see you include the youtube links too.

Don’t forget about Usher’s line from his song “Do it to Me”:

“I got two-dozen roses, and a card that says baby I can’t wait to see you later
We made dinner reservations at Nobu or Mr. Chow you just pick the location”


I like the Usher reference. Thanks for chiming in.

Great list. Fun stuff.

i’m keeping this list for consumption later:)

two more to throw on the next edition…

Tom Waits proclaims himself an erstwhile gastronomic Magellan of low-rent LA eats & also shouts out “i’ve had strange-looking patty melts at Norm’s” in ‘Intro to Eggs & Sausage’


A Tribe Called Quest, in “Midnight” give props to the westside soulfood destination Aunt Kizzy
“The nighttime is busy, it’s word to Aunt Kizzy”

Tom Waits also shouts out Burrito King in the intro to his album “Nighthawks at the Diner.”

Joe and Hadley, thanks for the additional suggestions. Tom Waits is clearly a fan of L.A., at least in song.

Mattatouille, wishful thinking, but probably possible at some point.

someone needs to reference scoops westsiiiiiiiiide. lol jk

That Dog – “Westside Angst” http;// remembering the departed Ships in Westwood.

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