Sheng Li: Victorious Tainan Breakfast

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FTW, or For The Win, has become a frequent online refrain. Sheng Li, which translates to English as “victory” and goes by Sheng Li Breakfast/Late Snack (勝利早點/宵夜), certainly made an early morning win possible in Tainan.

Staring at uninspired Western style pastries at a cafe in my hotel lobby sent me scurrying to the concierge desk for advice on breakfast options with a better sense of place.

Breakfast Tainan
Sheng Li contains worn wooden tables with red plastic stools, an overflow dining room 2doors down, several cooking stations and a point and pay system.

Breakfast Tainan
Sheng Li sold a number of different breads.

Breakfast Tainan
I ordered a thin rice flour pancake with thin omelet, unadorned, folded over and sliced. They also had the option to add ham or sausage with shredded cabbage and what looked like mayo, but we kept things simple.

Flaky outside, dense inside pastry contained a mess of scallions.

Wok-fried dumplings touted light skins and a filling of minced pork and scallion.

Breakfast Tainan
I’m no vegan, but still enjoyed high-quality soy milk, served cool, which displayed a nutty quality and avoided powdery pitfalls. They also sell hot soy milk and iced teas.

The whole meal cost NT$53, less than $2, which would have been the price of a single croissant if I’d placed it safe and easy. FTW indeed.


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