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Restaurant Sign Tainan

Chen’s Oyster Rolls: Special Taiwanese Seafood in Tainan

We took a break from an epic Tainan street food crawl to take a boat ride down the mangrove-framed canal that runs alongside Cao Da-jhong Temple. Maybe it was the giant, prehistoric-looking crabs that...
Tour Guide Tainan

Tainan Street Food Crawl

Our tour of Tainan with lifelong local Elisa Lu started food-free, complete with the impressive Datianhou Gong Temple, Dutch-built Fort Provintia, and a lesson on Taiwan’s original naming as Isla Formosa by the Portuguese....
Restaurant Sign Tainan

Sheng Li: Victorious Tainan Breakfast

FTW, or For The Win, has become a frequent online refrain. Sheng Li, which translates to English as “victory” and goes by Sheng Li Breakfast/Late Snack (勝利早點/宵夜), certainly made an early morning win possible...
Restaurant Tainan

Shanghai Pavilion: Dramatic Setting and Cuisine in Tainan Shangri-La

Maybe it was the adrenaline, but finding room for a feast after a 12-stop Tainan street food crawl was no problem at Shanghai Pavilion, a top-floor restaurant at the Shangri-La Far Eastern Hotel that...
Chinese Food Tainan

Shanghai Pavilion Sliced Pork Belly Pyramid

“There can be only one.” The is the famous line from “The Highlander,” the cult classic that sees immortals battling for supremacy throughout the ages, but the words also apply to this Week’s Dose...
Food Taipei

Week in Pictures: Taiwan

Every week involves a steady stream of food, drinks and people. From June 23 – 30, 2012, my Taiwan experiences all took place in the cities of Taipei, Khaosiung and Tainan. Some standout meals...