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The wonderful folks at Hario have listened to thousands of voices around the world, creating an all-in-one brewing setup that will warm the hearts of home brewers and baristas. The combination of this set up isn’t completely innovative. It’s just done better and more elegantly than anyone else. On the SCAA exhibition floor, where guys were showing off a hundred different ways of brewing a cup of coffee, Hario did what Apple does and beat them all. Using what might be the most popular pourover brewer on the market today, the Hario V60, as the centerpiece, a fiberglass rack holds the brewing cone over a glass kettle (or cup, if you choose), which sits atop a stainless steel drip tray. Underneath it all is a simple scale that accurately measures coffee to water ratio – as you brew. There’s also a timer on the scale. The space underneath the brewer allows one to fit a paper cup, making it adaptable for commercial use.

While these two prototypes were the only ones available for view, Hario expects to begin shipment of the scales, drip trays, and racks later this year. The price quoted for the set up was around $60 retail. With the V60 cone, you’re looking at around $130 for an ideal home or office brewing set up (if you include the $55 Hario Buono pouring kettle), and even a relatively affordable and elegant set up for pourover coffee bars.


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