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San Fernando Brewing resides just two miles from San Fernando Mission.

San Fernando Brewing Company is a new member of L.A.’s craft brewing scene right off the Ronald Reagan Freeway (118).

The brewing team of Ryan Rogers and Vic Chouchanian, along with Vic’s brother Joe, are behind this enterprise in a part of Los Angeles that really needed its own community brewery. Last Thursday, the taproom, in an industrial area (naturally) was full with people enjoying beer and meeting up with friends.

SFB opened earlier than expected with a single beer on tap and have added two new beers as they ramp up production to include the still to debut Sonora Wheat and Wolfskill IPA. They did have a representative sample to test.

Royal Road Pale Ale was a bit on the watery side and nearly identical in color to the red. The ale seem low hopped with more grain/wheat notes plus a bit of tea-like tannin character as well.

O’Melveny Red Ale was also quite watery, but added an additional weird cream soda taste to it. Whereas the pale had a surfeit of hops, the red lacked the malty body for this style.

Stoney Point Stout was the clear winner. Well balanced. Light and drinkable with good malt strength.

San Fernando Brewing has a nice big space and new equipment as well as a cool street lamp logo, but going from homebrewing to larger production is a whole new ballgame. With customer feedback and dialing in recipes, there is potential for San Fernando to break out as they evolve.

Your Beer of the Week goes from Zero to Sexy on any freeway. Figueroa Mountain Brewing has concocted a completely un-dark Golden Mocha ale with cocoa nibs and coffee for a twist on the traditional coffee beer which seems to be an L.A. specialty.

Your Homework this week is to run and check the interwebs to see if the 5th Annual Brew at the Zoo, is sold out because if there are tickets available and you haven’t been yet, you are in for a treat. Friday, August 7, from 7 – 11 pm, you get an after-hours visit to the L.A. Zoo with beer samples from 55+ local breweries plus music to salve the savage craft beer beast. Including beers from breweries that aren’t seen at many beer events like Alosta, Hess, Knee Deep, Telegraph and Pacific Plate.

Find more of Sean Inman’s writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.

Address: 4250 Park Avenue, San Fernando, CA 91340

Sean Inman

Find more of Sean Inman’s writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.

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