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City Heights is a neighborhood with San Diego’s highest concentration of Vietnamese-Americans, located due east of Balboa Park, and Que Huong is one of the culinary standouts. Owner Jay Ho originally hails from the central Vietnamese hub, Hue, and he’s offering a deep, varied menu that encourages sharing.

The restaurant rests in the corner of an unspectacular San Diego strip mall, and comes complete with round, family-friendly tables, burgundy and faux stone walls, and traditional Vietnamese decorations, though really, what’s happening on the table is much more interesting.

To gain the best understanding of what Que Huong is trying to accomplish, scroll past a la carte options and order a multi-person meal. For instance, Nguoi is designed for 5-6 people, costs $54.95, and delivers six plates or bowls, though it’s possible to crank up the number of dishes (and price). When it comes to group dining, the flavor to value ratio doesn’t get much higher.

Vietnamese Food San Diego
Grilled Mango Salad with Shrimp and Pork also touts peanuts, red peppers. dried onions, and basil leaves and displays the Vietnamese hallmark of balanced acidity.

Vietnamese Food San Diego
Chicken Wings Midjoint, are “golden-fried” and tossed with chile’d fish sauce, scallions, crushed peppers, and dried onions.

Vietnamese Food San Diego
Thai Style Sweet & Sour Soup features seafood, fish, bamboo shoots, and mushrooms in a spicy, tangy tamarind-based broth that’s bobbing with cilantro.

Vietnamese Food San Diego
Catfish in Clay Pot showcases bone-in cross sections of fish simmered low and slow in an ultra-savory sauce containing lemongrass, crushed peppercorns and cured pork chunks. A crispy rice cake is available to temper the richness.

Vietnamese Food San Diego
Fried Shrimp with Garlic Salt Pepper are habit forming, with crisp coats and sweet meat.

Vietnamese Food San Diego
Wokked Chunked Beef with Watercress combines juicy meat, mild bell pepper strips, crunchy, bitter leaves, and spicy soy-soaked jalapeño slices.


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