Pier 46 Seafood: Exploring Variations on Ventura Spot Prawns

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Spot Prawns California

Spot prawns are some of California's sweetest seasonal sea creatures.

We were completely set on eating sandwiches made with San Luis Obispo County meat at J&R Natural Meats, which we eventually did, but a blackboard that read “Ventura Spot Prawns” changed our mission. We’d been to neighboring Pier 46 Seafood before, but the handwritten sign gave us no choice but to return.

A knowledgeable Pier 46 employee (and possible co-owner) led us to the tank and showed us large shrimp with white spots on the side. They splashed when plucked from the water, a good sign. He offered us three different preparations and we ordered Ventura Spot Prawns 2 Ways, which cost $23 at $27.99/lb + $5 cooking charge.

Spot Prawns California

We got two male prawns sashimi style, with sweet, silky meat treated to savory, spicy soy wasabi dipping sauce, served over salad with meaty deep-fried heads.

Spot Prawns California

Two larger grilled female spot prawns came with tiny ruby hued row attached to each undercarriage. The roe practically popped, which was part of a great dining experience.

The day’s blackboard menu also advertised Morro Bay live Dungeness crabs, beau soleil and Chicoteague oysters, and live Maine lobster. Ventura spot prawns aren’t always in season, which is part of what makes them so special, but at least they’ve got other great options.

Pier 46 Seafood: Exploring Variations on Ventura Spot Prawns


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They’ve got a bunch of other high value plates at Pier 46, and the mall’s a pleasant surprise overall: http://www.foodgps.com/pier-46-seafood-templeton

Excellent suggestion, Josh. Will have to check it out the next time we do a California road trip.

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