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Paramount Coffee Project is the second coffee bar and cafe from Jin Ng, Mark Dundon and Russell Beard, who first collaborated in Sydney’s Art Deco-style Paramount House, the former Australian headquarters for Paramount Pictures in Surry Hills. Their L.A. outpost is located in an increasingly trendy stretch of Fairfax Avenue, crafted with concrete and wood, with the fully-loaded coffee bar up front, the kitchen in the middle, and a comfortable patio in back.

Paramount Coffee Project employs a multi-roaster line-up, rotating U.S. powers like Heart and George Howell, plus coffee roasters from Japan and Australia, including Reuben Hills, the name of their sister operation in Sydney. I’ve had mixed success with PCP’s coffee drinks, but have enjoyed their food and Fizzy Ruby Tea ($4.50). Yes, this is another “tea” drink that contains no actual tea. Instead, this tangy ruby-hued Ovvio tisane blends hibiscus, rose hip, and juniper berry, to good effect. The beverage is brewed hot, chilled and carbonated. The refreshing “tea” is served over ice with a garnish of curled orange peel. This drink may be sugar- and caffeine-free, but it’s also colorful, flavorful, and organic.

Address: 456 N Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90036

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