Nuoc Mia Vien Tay Kumquat Sugar Cane Juice

Sugar Cane Juice Orange County

Fresh-pressed sugar cane juice with kumquat is just one option.

Nuoc Mia Vien Tay is a rebranded Little Saigon sugar cane juice bar that dates to 1996, when Chuyen Nguyen and wife Thuy opened in a Westminster strip mall. I first wrote about Nuoc Mia Vien Tay in 2007, and the family business is still robust. They’ve just improved decor and expanded sugar cane juice offerings. The space now houses yellow, red and burgundy striped walls, a cushioned bench and banquette. Above the counter, a poster depicts teenage girls hoisting their drinks and smiling. Since my last visit, they’ve stripped away most of the snacks and groceries for seating’s sake.

The family grows their own cane in the Imperial Valley, which they press to order. Nuoc Mia Vien Tay now makes more sugar cane juice varietals, including pineapple and coconut, though I still can’t resist Nuoc Mia Tac ($4 medium), sugar cane juice with sweetness that’s tempered with tart kumquat and cooled with both chipped and shaved ice.


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