Mister Jiu’s Roasted Quail (Food of the Week)

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Mister Jiu’s, chef Brandon Jew’s stylish Chinese restaurant on an alley in San Francisco’s Chinatown, serves any 5 courses family style for $69. Mix and match from a large menu. Just be sure your table’s in agreement, since ordering can get contentious if people favorite vegetable dishes over meat and seafood, or vice versa. Thankfully, the group I went with was in agreement, which led to downright magical dishes like Roasted Quail.

I know State Bird Provisions prides themselves on quail, and I enjoy their version, but now there’s a good chance that Mister Jiu’s roasted quail sets the gold standard for this tiny delicacy in California. In this case, beautifully roasted birds feature crisp, sticky skins that contain sweet, medicinal slices of MJ’s lap cheong, sticky rice, jujubes. Micro greens and a mystery powder provide textural contrast for this glorious quail preparation. Incredibly, this quail was far more luscious than the other bird we ordered, Mister Jiu’s more elaborate tea-smoked duck, which carries a supplement that starts at $50 and rises to $100.

Address: 28 Waverly Place, San Francisco, CA 94108

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