Main & Franklin, Seafarer Cans + Clean Water

Street Signs El Segundo

Main & Franklin has become a surprisingly pivotal craft beer intersection.

When home brewing expert and author Drew Beechum calls you “beerily awesome,” that is high praise. That compliment applies to just one corner in El Segundo.

Main & Franklin has Rock & Brews anchoring the area. Then came El Segundo Brewing Co. across the street with their hoppy goodness. Their latest Bursted Series of single-hops beers are great, or take their Beach Day or Porto Pils for a spin. They also do non-hoppy quite well. Diagonal from ESBC is the restaurant Sausal that has hosted beer dinners since Chef and Certified Cicerone® Anne Conness arrived and started providing extensive beer knowledge and Nuevo Ranchero cuisine. Brewport Tap House, newly added this year, stands on the other corner where you’re fitted with a wristlet that tracks how much beer you pour from their self-service taps. Perfect for trying just a half-pint or a taster tray of a wide variety of beers. They have a kitchen to order food from as well as wine on tap.

Throw nearby Rob Rubens Distilling and Brewing in the mix, plus the Whole Foods with a beer and wine bar down Sepulveda Boulevard and the new Lil’ Simmzy’s on the Manhattan Beach border and you are not hurting for beer-plus-food choices.

Back to Main & Franklin, you could easily set-up a progressive beer dinner of sorts with appetizers, main course and then dessert followed by and IPA at El Segundo Brewing as the nightcap. It would be a great way to practice your beer and food pairing skills. You could rotate where you get those three parts of the meal and create your own Algonquin-style round table, but about beer.

Your BEER OF THE WEEK suggestion is on the shopping list because it has made the move from bottle to can. Three Weavers Brewing Company has started canning and you should pick-up their Seafarer Kolsch made with German pilsner malt and Noble hop varieties for a great beer for this extreme heat weather. [You can also grab a sixer of their Expatriate IPA.]

This week’s beer HOMEWORK is to get political. More specifically, start looking at the rollbacks that the current EPA secretary has in store. This is really important because if we start easing rules, Mother Earth will take the brunt of the damage and we know that three of beers ingredients are tied to the health of this planet in a major way. To get started, read up on the Clean Water Rule of 2015. Once you have considered it, consider commenting and adding your voice to the process.

Find more of Sean Inman’s writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.

Address: Main & Franklin, El Segundo, California 90245

Sean Inman

Find more of Sean Inman's writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.

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