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Los Angeles has a history of importing. Hollywood pulls in British actors to play Superman and Batman. Our food culture is heavily influenced by flavors from around the world and until recently, most bottles on the shelves didn’t have a “Brewed in L.A.” stamp on them.

But now the rapidly expanding L.A. craft beer scene is remedying that situation.  Eagle Rock has been gaining shelf space left and right for its Solidarity and Revolution, tall cans of Golden Road Brewing are everywhere you look and now there are more joining the fray.

Award winning brewer Julian Shrago has Beachwood bottling selections of their finely tuned beers. Tovarish being one example but now word on the street has the expanding El Segundo Brewing Co. waiting on label approval before their Standard Crude Imperial Stout can be found in 22-ounce bombers. White Dog IPA will soon follow.  That coupled with Angel City Brewery coming online sometime this year with their Eureka Wit and Angeleno IPA will mean there will be more and more bottles crafted and filled right here in Los Angeles.

This is great news because it means our “locals” can now be found in more places in L.A. (Like my ‘fridge) which will grow the audience for their beer here at home and it makes it more portable to outside city limits as well. A visitor to the City of Angels can pick up a “souvenir” of their visit or someone from San Diego or San Francisco can take bottles and cans back to respective cities to show off to their beer geek friends.

Your Beer of the Week comes from another local brewery, Smog City. It has the ominous name, The Nothing. It is an Imperial Stout that is velvety with notes of cherry. Don’t be scared by the name and/or the dark black color that it has in the glass. It is a great beer for our slightly cold weather in SoCal.

This week’s Homework is for those in the crowd who brew their own beer, blog about craft beer or fanatically follow the local beer scene. The Pub at Golden Road will be hosting the newest addition to our scene, the L.A. Beer Bloggers, to a night of presentations about home brewing and mixing and mingling with the beer geeks that write about all the happenings beer related from downtown to the Westside and points south. Follow the link and become part of the Los Angeles beer geek revolution!

Find more of Sean Inman’s writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.


Sean Inman

Find more of Sean Inman's writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.

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