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Locali is a local, organic take on 7-Eleven. [Photo updated in 2020.]

Greg Horos and Melissa Rosen plan to open Locali on December 12 in the former Franklin Village home of Franklin Grocery, offering “conscious convenience.” Locali means “community” in Italian. With that in mind, Rosen promises “convenient access to eco-friendly products, delicious prepared foods, natural snack items and unique beverages from local, organic and sustainable growers, food artisans and suppliers.” Basically, Locali is a healthier, eco-friendly version of 7-Eleven.

To channel their vision, Horos and Rosen hired Ana Henton and Greg Williams from MASS Architecture & Design (Silverlake Wine, Breadbar Century City, the upcoming CASA and Corkbar, etc.). Rosen describes the space as “a Japanese quik-mart meets a European corner store,” with ultra-green construction. That means stainless steel and reclaimed Douglas Fir, solar tube and LED lighting and low VOC paint. Expect bar seating at the window, with benches and tables outside. The seating will be crafted from reclaimed wood. The water will flow from a reverse osmosis tap, which will allow customers to fill reusable bottles. Locali will also feature both recycling and composting.

“In terms of food, Locali carefully selects all vendors and looks forward to increasing your connection to the sources of what you consume,” says Rosen. “With a heightened awareness of where our food comes from, we can make informed decisions about what we eat in order to aid our personal health and vitality, while minimizing our negative impact on the environment and other people.”

Rosen supplied more specifics about Locali’s food: “You will not find any product containing high fructose corn syrup, refined sugars, hydrogenated oils or genetically modified ingredients on our shelves. In addition to an exclusive selection of sustainable, organic and biodynamic wines and beers, we also offer a range of convenience store favorites all made from organic ingredients. Hot pretzels, grass fed beef and tofu hot dogs, fair trade coffee, wild harvested yerba mate spritzers, gluten-free bagels and agave-sweetened slushies are just some of our tasty offerings. Seasonal soups, salads and sandwiches will also be available, along with pre-packaged meals from local food artisans and restaurants.”

Locali’s impact won’t be limited to the storefront. “In the near future, we plan to organize workshops, field trips and tastings related to wellness, environmental and self-sufficiency education,” says Rosen. “We’re working on exciting project for our opening with the Cheremoya School that will benefit the students. In January, we will become a community supported agriculture drop site for the Tierra Miguel Foundation, an organic non-profit farm. Those interested can sign up directly with Tierra Miguel Farm. On continual basis, a percentage of our profits will benefit a variety of local and international charities.”

Address: 5825 Franklin Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Joshua Lurie

Joshua Lurie founded FoodGPS in 2005. Read about him here.

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I hope to come out to California sometime soon and I would love to see you and visit your new market which sounds great. Best of Luck to both of you.

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Great article, thanx for information 🙂

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Very interesting article, I will wait for continuation

Well, very interesting article … thanks

Thank you for sharing info.

Thank you for sharing info.

Great article, thanx for information 🙂

Nice post.Thanks.

Best of luck to both of you. I wish there was a store like yours in our neighborhood. Prepard meals to go!!!! and healthy “junk” food too! This is a dream…

Congrats Melissa and Greg!! Can’t wait to see the beautiful dream…..in reality!!

Congratulations Melissa and Greg!
Thank you for offering the residents of our community a healthy choice – Locali!

Wow. This sounds amazing, you guys. Shall Marc and I open the second location up in PDX? Are you ready to franchise yet?

What a wonderful idea turned in to reality.

I can’t wait!!!!

Congrats to Greg and Melissa and good luck with the new shop!

Awesome! Can’t wait to come by and check out your new place.

Congratulations! I’m soooooooo thrilled that I want to camp outside on the 11th so I can be your first customer! 😉

cool concept, as long as the prices aren’t exorbitantly high, I might frequent this place. Famima’s great, but the prices are a rip.

Very very exciting. Can’t wait to check it out !


Kara Brackney -Founder Harmony InsideOut

Hi guys,
Melissa, I’m looking forward to meeting you in person. Kaja has told me all about you and I’m so thrilled for you two with this venture! YES! This is the future and your on the cusp. Be proud of yourselves. I’d love to set up a lunch date, hey let’s go to Locali? 🙂
warmly, a fellow IIN alumni

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