Lido Restaurant Pineapple Bun

Chinese Food Richmond

Lido's signature bo lo bao (pineapple bun) benefits from plentiful butter.

The pineapple bun is one of the best foods that doesn’t deliver on the name. This legendary Hong Kong item features a fluffy bun topped with a layer of egg, flour, sugar, and if you’re lucky, lard, which forms a golden crust that’s scored to resemble a pineapple’s coat. In Richmond, British Columbia, the largest Chinese-American community in North America, Lido Restaurant likely has the best bo lo bao (pineapple buns) on the entire continent.

This legendary restaurant resides on a side street in Central Square, a double decker strip mall in this metropolis for Chinese food lovers located just south of Vancouver. The perpetually packed restaurant space hosts a red sign, white walls with menu listings, and dull green booths. Lido sells other items, but they’re famous for pineapple buns, which are sliced and crammed with a soft pat of butter. Better yet, I arrived when the buns were still hot from the oven, meaning my steaming bun quickly absorbed melting butter. Do the butter buns need more butter? Probably not, but the bonus butter sure didn’t hurt matters.


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