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Larkin’s owners plan to build on Eagle Rock success with more soul food downtown.

On August 21, Larkin’s weekly e-mail blast announced that the Eagle Rock soul food spot is “still battling the city for our B&W license.” Larkin’s struggle with the city to open in 2007 was well documented, and their fight for a beer and wine license is the latest hurdle.

Further down the e-mail, Larkin’s owners Larkin Mackey, Joshua McBride and Rick Rowan revealed they are “in negotiations for a spot downtown. Not Larkin’s but something even better!!!!!” That’s a lot of exclamation points.

Today, McBride was tight-lipped over the phone, but revealed, “We’ve had something else pop up that might be another route to go. It might be downtown or closer.” When asked whether the new venture will be Southern, McBride said, “It’s along the same lines, something we’re already doing, but just kind of focusing on one thing…It’s kind of a fast food, takeout, late night thing.”


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