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Fried Chicken Los Angeles

Top Fried Chicken in Los Angeles

In honor of National Fried Chicken Day, these unique takes on fried yardbird display L.A.’s geographic and ethnic diversity. The only thing the preparations have in common is that they’re on the bone, utilize...
Restaurant Los Angeles

Larkin’s Introduces Sunday “Poor Man’s Buffet” [CLOSED]

Larkin Mackey and Joshua McBride have introduced a “Poor Man’s Buffet” on Sunday nights at Larkin’s, their modern soul food restaurant in Eagle Rock. Last Sunday, for $12, guests received all-you-can-eat fried chicken, catfish,...
Restaurant Los Angeles

Larkin’s Expansion Update [CLOSED]

On August 21, Larkin’s weekly e-mail blast announced that the Eagle Rock soul food spot is “still battling the city for our B&W license.” Larkin’s struggle with the city to open in 2007 was...
Restaurant Los Angeles
Restaurant Los Angeles

Larkin’s: Soul Food in Special Eagle Rock Setting [CLOSED]

Thanks to a canceled reservation, my friends and I scored a pre-opening tasting at Larkin’s Joint, the hotly anticipated Eagle Rock soul fooder. Having lived in Nashville for four years, and with a rack...