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Restaurant Kaohsiung

When traveling half-way around the world, it sometimes feels like six meals a day isn’t enough, since it might be my last time in that country, ever. My government sponsored trip to Taiwan had a pretty packed itinerary, but I still made a point to push my stomach’s limits by following promising culinary leads before and after the day’s scheduled tours. In Kaohsiung, a hub for Taiwanese technology in the southern part of the island nation, it felt important to seek Kuo’s, a family-run, open air restaurant that’s been serving comfort food for over 40 years.

Taiwanese Food Kaohsiung
The restaurant was point and pay, and even with three plates, my meal only cost NT$95 ~ 3.

Taiwanese Food Kaohsiung
It was easy to enjoy savory ground pork, stewed with soy sauce, rice wine and crystal sugar.

Taiwanese Food Kaohsiung
Tender soy-braised milkfish touted tiny bones and a bright hit of julienne ginger.

Taiwanese Food Kaohsiung
“Chicken Egg” featured hard-boiled egg braised in soy and chicken broth.

My side street explorations resulted in a sweat-stained shirt, since Kaohsiung is so hot and humid in the summer, but Kuo’s was worth some extra laundry for such delicious dividends.

Address: 39 Chintien Road, Hsinhsing District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

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