Knowrealitypie Firecracker Apple Rhubarb Pie

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Independence Day was over, but firecrackers were still going off on an Eagle Rock side street thanks to Tracy Ann Devore. The skilled baker earned three ribbons at the 2015 KCRW “Good Food” Pie Contest, started with a tent outside of Original Tommy’s Hamburgers and now runs Knowrealitypie pie shop. Her small space features exposed wood rafters, a white counter, a decorative Barbie doll, and a counter full of pies that start at $6 and go up as sizes increase.

Kelly, the baker’s friendly hype man, ran front of house and discussed Devore’s achievements going back to high school. I was tempted by blackberry cabernet and maple pecan pies. He helped steer me toward Salted Caramel Mango with streusel top, juicy cubes of fruit, and judicious sweetness. I preferred Firecracker Apple Rhubarb pie with a flaky, buttery crust, a lid that’s studded with sugar crystals, and a filling that struck a sweet-tart balance. Based on what I sampled and saw, pretty much any Knowrealitypie pie would be a hit with a crust that special.


Joshua Lurie

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