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A long run along Miami Beach left me hangry (hungry + angry), and by the time we reached Jimmy Carey’s restaurant in the Wynwood Arts District, the pressure increased for Jimmy’z Kitchen to deliver on their reputation for the best mofongo in the city. They were up to the challenge.

Caribbean Restaurant Miami
Carey built on the success of a smaller South Beach original by opening in Wynwood. A large patio greeted us at the modern, glass-fronted Cynergi building. Indoors, we found stained wood tables, lime green, orange and white chairs, a high exposed ceiling, and wavy yellow sound dampening panels. Order at a counter lined with jars of bottlecaps and multiple mortars and pestles.

Mofongo Miami
The menu’s actually fairly large at Jimmy’z, with a number of salads, sandwiches, and entrees, but most people opt for Mofongo, a dense dome of plantains, garlic, olive oil and chicharrones that’s available with various proteins. My pick was obviously pork, Puerco al Mojo ($17) with shredded shoulder meat graced with a tangy sauce of sour orange, onions and garlic. Each plate held enough food for two people, but after that run, mojo became a solo assignment.

Mofongo Miami
My friend Ben opted for Carne Guisada, which surrounded Mount Mofongo with tender chunks of beef slow-cooked with potatoes, carrots and celery.

Flan Miami
Jimmy’z is locally famous for mofongo, but the night’s surprise was his amazing Coconut Flan ($3.75). The base layer was macaroon-like shredded coconut, the top resembled a Chinese egg custard cup, and the drizzle was pure dulce de leche. This was my 2011 Dessert of the Year.

Upon out arrival, it was tempting to flip over tables in a runner’s rage, but Jimmy’z Kitchen easily assuaged my hunger by bombarding it with flavor from beginning to end.


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