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Pizza Washington D.C.

2 Amys serves Neapolitan style pizza. Margherita is available with mozzarella di bufala, basil and heirloom tomatoes.

1. De Lorenzo’s Tomato Pies — Trenton, NJ (the Hudson Street original) [CLOSED]
2. Sally’s Apizza — New Haven, CT
3. The Spot – New Haven, CT
4. Una Pizza Napoletana – New York City
5. Frank Pepe’s – New Haven
6, De Lorenzo’s Tomato Pies — (the new branch) Robbinsvile, NJ
7. Conte’s Pizza — Princeton, NJ
8. Giordano’s — Chicago
9. 2Amys — Washington, DC
10. John’s of Bleecker Street — New York City, Grimaldi’s — Brooklyn, Old World Pizza [CLOSED] — Princeton, NJ (three-way tie)

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