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Snowmen Los Angeles

Michel Richard created a Christmas stunner: a snowman vacherin. [Central Michel Richard]

For the entire month of December, Citrus at Social mixologist Jesse Caetano is offering three holiday cocktails:

Egg Nog with Vanilla Stoli, brandy, Buttershots, cream, vanilla bean simple syrup, nutmeg, garnished with graham cracker crumble

Apple Cider with Vanilla Stoli, Goldschlager, simple syrup, apple liqueur, cream and garnished with an apple slice

Candy Cane with Vanilla Stoli, crème de menthe, simple syrup, cream, dash of cherry liqueur and garnished with a mini candy cane

For dessert, Citrus at Social will offer Snowmen Vacherin, a variation on Michel Richard’s whimsical mushroom cap original. It’s a crunchy meringue snowman filled with creamy vanilla ice cream dressed with a marzipan hat and scarf, rosemary branch and dusted with sugar snow.


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