Gyutan Tsukasa: Japanese Beef Tongue Specialist in Costa Mesa

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Gyutan Tsukasa: Japanese Beef Tongue Specialist in Costa Mesa
Gyutan Tsukasa
665 Paularino Avenue
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
714 434 1023
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Date of Visit: April 14, 2013

Key People

Koji Aizama (chef)


Gyutan Tsukasa is a Japanese chain that specializes in beef tongue dishes. The company has three branches in Sendai, located in northeast Japan’s Miyagi Prefecture, and a fourth location situated in Saitama, outside of Tokyo. Gyutan Tsukasa opened a stall inside Mitsuwa Costa Mesa food court in 2013. Chef Koji Aizama and his culinary team masterfully grill scored slices of meat. Tongue also factors into stews and curries, though it’s never juicier or more flavorful than when it’s grilled. True to Japanese form, the meat comes with dishes that deliver complementary flavors and textures, such as tart, crunchy pickled vegetables and slimy mountain yam.

The Scene

Stalls ring the Mitsuwa Costa Mesa food court, including Gyutan Tsukasa’s window, which features a stylized menu with words that read like calligraphy. At the base of the counter, the owners display models of all the available plates. Order at the counter and peak into the tiny kitchen to see said tongues grilling or stewing, then grab a table in the central “courtyard.”

Must Order Food

  • Tsukasa Set ($9.50)

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  1. usotsuki says:

    pretty sure the name of the business is Tsukasa. Gyutan literally means beef (gyu) tongue (tan). I was excited when I saw y’all gonna review Tsukasa but the article/post is just uninspiring to say the least. C’mon, do this place justice. Thanks.

    • Food GPS says:

      Usotsuki, you’re right. I’ve updated the review to reflect the full name: Gyutan Tsukasa. As for how inspired the review is, I was only somewhat inspired by my experience. Yes, the grilled beef tongue is excellent, but the stew and curry offer diminishing returns. Overall, Gyutan Tsukasa is still well worth visiting, especially given the value. Do you really like the restaurant that much?


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