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Craft Beer Long Beach

Long Beach houses nearly a half-million people and has craft beer to spare.

Today’s listicle covers Long Beach craft establishments.  It is smaller than the normal, but when combined with the earlier round-up of Torrance/El Segundo/Beaches you can create a mega-itinerary.

The Factory Gastrobar [CLOSED]

Natalie and Eric Gutenkauf have created quite the local spot and are fervent supporters of the craft beer scene.  They have a Good Beer Festival, they conduct a home brew contest in conjunction with Cismontane Brewing and have great food to match their tap choices.

Timeless Pints Brewing Company

I talked about this new brewery in last week’s post and to reiterate, you should visit and try it for yourself to see if their take on IPA’s and Belgians are too your liking.

Beachwood BBQ & Brewing

There are not enough superlatives for this spot.  There just are not.  The beers under the direction of Julian Shrago are varied and fantastic.  The BBQ is fantastic and sitting out on the patio is fantastic.  Not to be missed.

Congregation Ale House

Within a football throw of Beachwood is the southern most outpost of Congregation.  This is where you can find a varied tap list that will include one or two beers (usually) from their new brewing arm.

Simmzy’s – Belmont Shore

There is another Simmzy’s in Manhattan Beach but that place can get full, real quick.  And for good reason.  So, this option in Belmont is great.  This is the perfect place to try out your chops in pairing desserts with craft beer.

The Federal Bar

The original is in NoHo and this satellite operation mirrors that one with entertainment, food and a beer list that ranges from Deschutes to Golden Road to Ommegang.

California Heights Market

4 ½ stars on Yelp for this bottle market in Long Beach.  And you know that is not easy to get with the overly critical crowd on that website and then you factor in that some beer snobs can get pretty pretentious which means, you should probably check out their shelves.

Public Beer Wine Shop CLOSED

They consider themselves, a “coffee shop” but for beer and wine.  And in the mold of Sunset Beer Co. and Select Beer, you can either get a bottle to go or sit down with a pint to enjoy there.

Brouwerij West

Yes, the long awaited physical location for Brouwerij (pronounced brewery) West is finally ready for its debut. Brian Mercer’s brewery in a former Navy warehouse near the Crafted marketplace in San Pedro instantly becomes a destination beer location.

Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery [CLOSED]

Yes it is a chain.  But they occupy a needed place in the craft eco-system.  They brew beers that will not scare off people new to beer and help lead them on to more adventurous spots.

Find more of Sean Inman’s writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.


Sean Inman

Find more of Sean Inman's writing on his blog, Beer Search Party.

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