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Seafood Los Angeles

Franky Atallah and Johnny Nalbandian delivered a “seafood value revolution” by opening Franky & Johnny’s Fisherman’s Seafood Outlet on September 25 in L.A.’s Elysian Valley. Last night, during a run to the store for snapper, Nalbandian updated me about the additional offerings. Every day beginning at 11:30 AM, Franky & Johnny’s is hosting a two-fish cookout on the “pier.” The selection is different each day, but recent offerings include black cod fillet ($11.95), Idaho rainbow trout fillet ($10.95), Catalina swordfish and catfish. Expect sides like red cabbage slaw and Italiano pasta. They even offer a combo deal with a sampling of each fish for $12.95.

Nalbandian also said he’ll give a complimentary 10-minute lesson to anybody who wants to learn how to marinate and grill fish properly.

Finally, the seafood market is celebrating their grand opening on November 13-15, beginning at noon each day and featuring product demos, BBQ, music and a cookout.


Joshua Lurie

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