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It's a family affair at Food+Lab in West Hollywood with Esther Linsmayer and son Nino.

After catering over 1000 photo shoots, events and private parties, Esther Linsmayer recently opened Food+Lab Café & Marketplace in West Hollywood with son Nino. Esther attended Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and Nino studied at the Cornell School of Hotel Administration, so they have the back and the front of the house covered.

According to the family’s mission statement, Food+Lab adheres to “organic, nitrate & hormone free ingredients wherever possible.” At breakfast, that means breakfast sandwiches like smoked salmon with creme fraiche and sliced cucumber on wheat and organic egg salad with asparagus. Food+Lab imports Meinl Coffee from Vienna and serves Paulette macarons by the dozen or piece.

At lunch, expect to find over a dozen sandwiches, including curried chicken ($8) with lingonberry chutney on raisin walnut bread, Austrian meatloaf with dried tomato aioli, fried onions & Dijon on ciabatta ($9.50) and double-crème ($7.50) with orange marmalade and granola sprinkles on walnut raisin bread.

You’ll also find salads like chicken arugula ($11) with edamame, cranberry and candied pecans; roasted vegetables ($11) with French goat cheese and tomato on mixed greens; and Buffalo mozzarella ($12) with cherry tomato, zucchini, pesto, tapenade and sunflower seeds.

Food+Lab relocated to 732 N Highland Avenue, Los Angeles 90038 (the alley between Highland and N McCadden Pl).


Joshua Lurie

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I’m guessing they’re sticking with the Austrian theme (like 3 Square in Venice) but yea, Meinl is only “OK” in my book.

But nice to see a restaurant of that sort in WeHo ~ may have to do that whenever I get around to plan my Santa Monica Blvd eat ‘n walk.

sounds interesting, by why source coffee from vienna when you have intelligentsia et all here in LA? Source Coffee Klatch if you want to go sustainable!

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